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Buckeye Gyuto Bolster & Stamp

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This is my latest finished kitchen knife.


Blade Length – 254mm
Blade Steel – AEB-L heat treat and cryo to 61 HRC
Spine Over Heel – 0.091″
Spine 1/2 Way – 0.079″
Spine 1/2″ From Tip – 0.030″
Shoulder at heel – 0.011″
Shoulder at 1/2 way – 0.010″
Shoulder 1/2″ from tip – 0.08″
Handle material is stabilized Buckeye Burl
Bolster is peened stainless steel

This is my second completed knife.

This is my second completed knife. Knife is made of AEB-L, has stainless steel bolsters, and a handle from Redwood Burl.

Thickness Stats:
@ Heel = 2.54mm
@ Mid = 2.1mm
@ 1″ from the tip = 1.22mm

Edge is 0.01″ thick at the shoulder consistently from heel to tip.

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